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How to enjoy wedding planning, wedding planning tips, how to plan a wedding, plan a wedding stress-free, West Midlands wedding videographer

How to Enjoy Wedding Planning

You’ve just started planning your wedding. Your mind has been hijacked by visions of beautiful venues and your notebook is already filled with scribbles of quotes and ideas. The wedding planning whirlwind has firmly set in, though you’re quickly discovering, it’s not all flicking through bridal mags and drinking prosecco with supportive, giggly bridesmaids.

Unwanted opinions, family politics and impossible budgeting can soon tarnish that Hollywood illusion.
Whilst there are difficult decisions to be made, remember that these decisions are about a happy occasion in your life. Keep it fun and remind yourself that the meaning of the day is to celebrate the love that you share with your soul mate.

Here are 5 more ways to enjoy the wedding planning process:

Invest in a good wedding planning book

A simple, inexpensive, wedding planning necessity. A good wedding planning book will go through what to do and when and give you somewhere to easily document your ideas. Also, have a read of ‘How to plan a wedding in 4 simple steps’ if you’d like some simple starting points whilst waiting for your shiny wedding planner to arrive.

How to enjoy wedding planning, wedding planning tips, how to plan a wedding, plan a wedding stress-free, West Midlands wedding videographer

Book your must-have suppliers early on

As well as your venue, it’s also worth booking those important, must-have suppliers early on. Wedding suppliers can take booking years in advance and if you’re planning a big day during wedding season, you may struggle to find a professional that you love - with your date still available. Book your venue, then look to secure your videographer, photographer and entertainment straight away to avoid disappointment.

If you’re looking for an awesome wedding videographer with affordable packages, check out my portfolio, or get in touch for a friendly chat!

Take time off from wedding talk

Can you remember what you used to talk about with your partner before wedding planning took over? Try and bring back some of those fun and silly late-night chats. Wedding planning can soon feel like a chore when it takes over every conversation, especially if the focus is around to-do lists or paying things off. Arrange a couple of ‘wedding-free’ date nights where you go and enjoy each other’s company, but where all wedding talk is banned

How to enjoy wedding planning, wedding planning tips, how to plan a wedding, plan a wedding stress-free, West Midlands wedding videographer

Enjoy the freebies

A free bottle of champagne at a venue viewing, free cake at the cake making shop and skincare samples at a wedding fair… It’s not often in life that we receive this VIP treatment. Enjoy letting people run around after you, embrace the good advice and fill your bag with those freebies!

Be open to compromise

When you’re working towards a vision that you have grown and nurtured from nothing, it’s hard not to feel like everything is falling apart if colours don’t perfectly match or if guests drop out last minute leaving uneven table numbers. The truth is, your guests won’t even notice. They’re coming to see you in all your beauty, committing yourself to your partner. They will be so taken in by the emotions of the day and how beautiful the details are, they really won’t notice if the chair sashes don’t match the ribbons from the invitations. Relax and enjoy the day. You’re spent months/years planning the perfect wedding, now it’s your time to enjoy that hard work. Mingle with family, dance to the music and most importantly, take time to absorb all that love and emotion from your new husband/wife.

Zoe and Dave tied the knot on the16th June 2018 at the idyllic Shustoke Barn based in Coleshill, Birmingham. See for yourself how this laid back couple had the picture-perfect day. Whilst wedding planning has its ups and downs, as long as you can relax and take in the big day, all the obstacles that you had to overcome will suddenly seem so trivial on a day filled with love and meaning.

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